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How To Collect The Squared Circles Of Canada — 2 Comments

  1. Hi, nice site by the way and thanks for sharing.

    Is there a St John N.B 1897 Squared circle? I found one on line but I don’t see the name here so maybe it’s a fake.

    • Yes Michael, St. John, Hammer III had a late recorded date (LRD) of PM/DE 28/98 and Hammer II was known through ’97 according the Fifth Edition Handbook edited by Jack Gordon. It is quite common on 3c Jubilees.

      It is quite rare on Map Stamp, I have a map cover, (LRD) PM/DE 28/98, I believe one two known (ex Hennok collection) and a couple St John on Map Stamp. The LRD on this may have since been broken, not sure.

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